Three people are ultimately responsible for my completing this book. I dedicate this effort with love, great honor and respect to my late father, Marion Forney Craig, who gave me ability to be the author and to my mother, Gloria Smith Craig, who gave me strength of purpose.  Mother gave me her example of what a woman can achieve in her life if she puts her mind to it and showed me the way to proceed.  Father gave me the determination and faith in my dreams to overcome the fears that keep so many of us back from attaining those dreams.  So, Mother and Father, I thank you for the dream and for the reality of the dream fulfilled.                                        

The third person is my husband, Johnny.  He kept me filled with faith and perseverance at those times when I was so filled with doubt and disgust all I wanted to do was delete the whole program from my computer.  Beloved husband, thank you for saving this life's task of mine so it may see the daylight of publication.  Without you, so many things in life would be lost.


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