Note: this process requires a cool dark climate (spring house, a dark shed with good ventilation, etc.)

1. Remove the coarse, bruised outside leaves of the cabbage and then shred the head fine, using a slaw cutter.
2. Now line the bottom of a stone crock, small water tight barrel, or wooden bucket with the outside leaves and then place in a layer of the shredded cabbage and cover with salt. Repeat until the utensil is nearly full, pounding down well with wooden mallet when packing.
3. Sprinkle the salt over the top and cover with large cabbage leaves and then with a cheese-cloth wrung out of salt water. Tuck in the ends carefully and then place board on the kraut and weight it down with a heavy stone.
4. Now, it is necessary that the cabbage be covered with brine. Should the sauerkraut require extra liquid at any time, add one quart of water in which has been dissolved two teaspoonfuls of salt.
5. Remove the scum as it rises to the top. The kraut will be ready for use in six weeks and it must be kept in a very cool place or it must be canned.
6. TO CAN SAUERKRAUT: Fill into sterilized all-glass jars and then fill the jar to overflowing with boiling water. Adjust the rubber and lid and partially tighten. Process in hot water bath for one hour, then remove and allow to cool undisturbed overnight, then tighten rings, label and store in a dry, dark cool place.

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