Stephen's Famous Bacon Popcorn

   *Leave your cholesterol woes in the closet for this one!
Many was the mouth that watered when my brother
              Stephen worked his magic with this treat!

4 strips of smoked bacon*
1\2 cup of vegetable oil or vegetable shortening
1 cup of uncooked popcorn

Cut bacon into 1 to 2-inch slices. Cook at medium temperature until fully done, but not crisp. Pour half of heated oil and bacon pieces into a bowl (not plastic), and set aside. Pour 1/2 cup of popcorn into oil and bacon mixture in the pot. Cook at high setting, leaving the cover off the pot (temporarily) for observation. Swirl the pot vigorously in a circular manner, being careful not to let the hot oil splash out. As the popcorn heats, it will start turning pale. At this point pour out most of the oil, leaving the bacon and popcorn in the pot. Return to heat. When the first kernel pops, cover the pot and shake back and forth. Be prepared with a bowl or a bag in case the pot starts overflowing. Keep heating and shaking until the last few kernels pop. Pour out immediately before contents can scorch. Repeat procedure for remaining ingredients. Salt to taste.

*Other ingredients, such as sausage, may be substituted. However, sugar cured ham or bacon will cause the popcorn to stick and pop unevenly.

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